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Arch Linux Developer Vagrant Box

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Vagrant is sweet!, but there wasn’t a lot of arch boxes out there that i could find. So heres my Vagrantfile.

if you don’t already use Vagrant you should. If you are doing any dev you should use it! if your an ops person then you should use it, and tell your developers about it. If you are a nerd you should use Vagrant. Nuf said.

Arch is also pretty sweet. Arch Linux has a system approach that rings totally right with me (I feel another post about arch in here someplace). Mainly Arch lets you do what you want how you want which is awesome!

Anyhow I have a little pet project that originally I was gonna do an LFS build up on, but realized arch already had a lot of what I needed. systemd support, and an not ancient/screwed up ruby install.

  • My build deviates from base arch in these ways:
    • It’s running 3.0.4 Kernel
    • Using systemd (with option to boot sysv)
    • full developer toolchain.
    • ABS the source build system for Arch.
    • Its big! ~1.2GB for a base box is pretty big, but its cause of all the build crap + kernel source

Lastly heres the links to the base box if you don’t want to get it via the vagrantfile.